KGA SHOP TOUR For Fall - Oct. 28, 2017

The fall shop tour will be held this year at the home of Bill Kennedy in Yukon, OK  The directions to his home is;
I-40 WEST of OKC to Cimaron Road ( exit 132) - go South on Cimarron road to NW 23 RD - turn East on 23RD  to Lost Lake Lane to end circle. Bill's house is the one on the Right.


The fall KGA shop tour will be held at the home of Bill Kennedy on October 28, 2017.  Bill lives in Yukon, OK and will post driving directions at a later date.  If you are not on the KGA mailing list, please email and ask to be added.  This will enable you to know what we are doing.

So far, all we have for demos are that Bill will explain how to set up a surface grinder to get it true.  He will talk about it and show the steps,  not actually set it up as that would require several hours and we hope that we will have several other demos. 

I will be bringing my forge and other forging tools for some hands on if we have some that want to try it.

Our normal agenda is to have a couple demo's in the morning and a couple in the afternoon.  In between we will have some Iron in the Hat and tail gate sales are encouraged.  A lunch is provided to all those that attend.  If you plan on attending, please let me know so we can kind of keep a head count for the food.  

Another demo has been added and that is to show a technique for etching your name on your steel.  Jantz Supply member has agreed to perform the operation.  I am at a loss to remember his name and apologize for that.  It is getting closer and will post directions soon. 

Please check back later.

Ray Kirk

KGA Sec/Treas





This will be the grand prize for the Iron in the Hat drawing.

Shop tour 5-6-17

I have gotten one more demo for those attending.  I talked to Charles Conner and he will be doing a demonstration of is scrimshaw skills in the morning also.  The stag crown that he scrims will be going into the Iron in the Hat so that should be of interest to several makers.

                 The KGA shop tour to be held at the home of Ray Kirk and will be the first Saturday in May, the 6th.
Our first demonstration will be by Billy Helton of Claremore and he will be showing how he does a stacked handle on a hidden tang knife. After the demonstration, there will be some time to visit and check out the Iron in the hat items and tail gate sales.

At noon, the meal will consist of fried chicken from Reasor's . We will also have some cole slaw, baked beans and a few other items. If you want to bring a side dish or dessert, please do.

After lunch, we will have the drawing for the items donated for the Iron in the Hat. This is how we have been supporting our shop tours and enabling attendees to acquire items that they desire. This is also the best time to catch everyone in one place for the drawing. There will be a grand prize as yet to be determined.

The grand prize will be a chef knife.  Forged from one inch 52100 round bar with side cut micarta handle and a black paper micarta spacer. 
The tail gate sales are for those attending that would like to bring their excess supplies and equipment to sell or trade with others. This is the best time for visiting and checking out what is available.

The first afternoon demo will also feature Billy doing a couple short demos of forging a cross and a bottle opener. These are examples of the small items that seem to be easily made for sales at art shows and other venues attended by bladesmiths and blacksmiths.

And while the forge is hot, I will forge out a small integral chef knife from round bar. Kitchen knives have seen an increase in interest and would like to show how I do it.

We are hoping for good weather and a large crowd this year. The Forged in Fire show has seemed to spark an interest in making knives and forging. This has been an asset to our organization as it supports knife making and sharing information about all the different aspects of our craft.

To the people that joined out group at the knife show in OKC in March, I have not been able to remember who all it was and I may have your email. If you recently joined and have not been added to the list of members, please get in contact with me. I need your information.

The address of the shop tour is 25494 South 530 Road, Park Hill, OK 74451. A mile north of Keys, Ok and 4 miles south of Cherokee Nation on Hwy 82, turn east on Horse shoe bend road and go one mile, turn south on 530 road and it is 4/10 ths of a mile to my driveway.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Ray Kirk
KGA Sec/Treas




Knife Show March 4th, 2017

This year the KGA custom knife show will be held on March 4th at H & H Shooting sports in Oklahoma City.  This is the same place as it was held last year. 
The table fee will still be $50.00 per table.  It will be held in a different part of the building as there will also be a cutting demonstration during the day.  I think it will be Blade Sports that will be doing the cutting demonstration. 
There will probably also be some forging demo’s during the day.  I will need to find out more about the itinerary for the day. 
If you would like to have a table, you can send me a check for $50.00 per table or email me to reserve it.  Payment needs to be completed by show time on Saturday.  Just let me know what you would like to do. 
I will also be posting this information on the KGA website and the KGA Facebook page.  As most of you know, it is open to hand made knives only, no factory knives or guns will be allowed.  Engravers may have an example of their work but not for sale. 
The address of H & H is 400 South Vermont Suite 10 Oklahoma City, OK 73108-1034
My address is PO Box 1445, Tahlequah, OK  74465
My phone number is 918-207-8076
If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Accommodations for the show.

Best Western Saddleback Inn

4300 SW 3rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

(405) 947-7000


They are offering  $74.98 for a single King bed, or $84.98 for a room with two double beds.

This deal is available for both the night of 3rd and the 4th.


Ray Kirk
KGA Sec/Treas



























Shop Tour for Fall of 2016

October 8, 2016




Shop tour for Spring of 2016

May 7, 2016

The KGA shop tour will be on May the 7th at the home of Ray Kirk, just south of Tahlequah.  25494 So. 530 Road, Park Hill, OK  74451 is the physical address.  South of Tahlequah on Hwy 82 to Horse shoe Bend Road.  Go east on Horseshoe bend road for 1.1 mile and turn right (south)  on gravel road, 530 Road. 
The agenda will be a leather sheath making demo by Mike Miller and using social media by Tracy Roach.  These will be in the morning. 
After lunch, we will have the drawing for the iron in the hat and draw for the grand prize, a damascus integral with stag.  Mike will use it to make his sheath and the winner of the knife will have the sheath mailed to them. 
After all this excitement, there will be a group picture and depending on the time, there will be some knife forging demos. 
The special event will be Rusty Polk and Roger Comar taking their performance test for the JS stamp of the American Bladesmith Society.  This will involve cutting a 1” free hanging rope, chopping a 2x4 in half twice, then shaving the hair from their arm.  After the test to see how will it can cut and hold an edge, the knife will be dulled and then bent 90 degrees.  If it passes, they will have passed the performance part of the requirement needed to attain their Journeyman Smith stamp from the American Bladesmith Society. 
 I have invited the Chief of the Cherokee Nation to attend and he may be able to also witness the performance test.  If he is able to attend, I will ask him to also sign their test results.  Roger is also a Cherokee from North Carolina.
The fare for lunch will be chili, beans, and smoked hot dogs for those that would like them.  I will also be making cornbread to go with the chili.  Side dishes are welcome.
There will be tail gate sales and lots of visiting. 
 There is expected to be close to 100 participants at this one.  We keep getting more each year and we have more fun each year.
If you have an item for the iron in the hat, it is very welcome.  This is how we pay for the event as we don’t charge for anything.  The demonstrators have been kind to donate their time and supplies at times to show others a technique, skill, or other needed information that can pertain to knife making.  We are blessed with a lot of knowledgeable makers that come each year to participate in our activities and share with us.
Ray Kirk

Grand prize for Iron in the Hat




Shop tour for fall of 2014

October 31, 2015

October 31'is the date for our shop tour at Bill Kennedys house.
Demos in the morning . Two forges with anvils set up in the afternoon for members to forge a small knife.
Directions are I-40 West of OKC to Cimmaron Road. Turn South to NW 23rd street. Left on it to bottom of hill. Turn left on Lost Lake Road. All the way to end Bills on right.

Bill is furnishing the meat (smoked venison and turkey) and side dishes are welcome.  Times are from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM.

3 bladesmiths from the Forged in Fire series will be there for demonstration purposes and to help in those that want to to forge a small blade they can take home.  There is no charge for this.

Tail gate sales are always welcome and there will be iron in the hat.  If you have something to donate for the iron in the hat, it will be most welcome.  That is how we cover the expenses for the shop tour.  You are also welcome to bring a guest and you don't have to be a member to attend.  Just have an interest in knives and a willingness to share your knowledge.

Looking forward to seeing every one.





MAY 2ND, 2015

The KGA shop tour will be held at the home of Ray Kirk.

Time is from 10:00 AM till around 4:00 PM

Also, could you bring a chair if you have one, there will be a good crowd here and I am not sure I have enough. 

The KGA shop tour for May 2nd will not be able to have Bill Coye demonstrate.  Bill found out he had a previous obligation and will be unable to demonstrate at this one. 
As of this time we will be doing one presentation by Calvin Harkins on social media for the knife business and a forging class for attendees that will be forging the small dia 52100 round bar into a small carving knife.  I will have the wood handles pre drilled to the diameter of the rod and a bunch of JB Quik for the handle attachment if needed.  We will do a flash temper on the steel and that may be good enough for the small knife and its uses.
If some one would like to see a certain type of demonstration, please let me know pretty quick so I can try to arrange it.
The address of the shop tour is 25494 So. 530 Rd., Park Hill, Ok  74451.  My cell is 918-207-8076
Don’t forget to let me know if your planning on being here and the number of guests in your party.  This is to help plan on the amount of food to serve.
Tail gates sales are all day and the iron in the hat is after lunch.  I will have another nice knife for the grand prize this year so a ticket bought for the other items will automatically go into the drawing for the grand prize.
The main course will be pulled pork with potato salad and beans.  Side dishes are welcome, especially pecan pie.

This is the knife kit you can use to make your own knife in the afternoon forging class.  A predrilled cedar block from a 100+ year old cedar tree, a 7" piece of 3/8" dia. 52100 and some fast epoxy to help eliminate waiting time.

For those that was present at the Facebook for business presentation.  My daughter said she forgot to tell all makers to be friends with your customers.  When you sell them a knife, take a pic and tag them in the photo.  That way all their friends can also see them and hopefully, a smiling face. :)

There were over 40 that signed the guest book and we had a great time.

Gary Robertson won first choice of the grand prize drawing of the Iron in the Hat and he chose the Raker Medicine Blade.  Jim McGuinn was the second ticket drawn and he got the Gary Crowder folder.  Two happy winners.

The afternoon was spent forging knives in the back yard.  We had two forges going and a lot of enthusiasm for some that had also never done any forging.  They did a great job and several had to take them home and complete them.  Just not enough time to get every ones done. 

As I get some more pics, I will post them on the web site.  






  Knife Show for March 14th, 2015


List of table holders are at bottom of notice.


There will be a KGA knife show this year on March 14th from around 9:00 Am till about 4:00 PM.  It will be held in Oklahoma City, OK at the H & H Shooting Sports complex. 
There will be about room for 20 tables and they will cost $50.00 each.  This will help pay for the electronic advertising bill board that H & H has and for the facility.  We hope to make this an annual event.
For table reservations, contact Mike Miller (918-260-5771) to let him know you want one and send the money to me at PO Box 1445, Tahlequah, OK  74465.  Make it payable to the Knife Group Association and I will send you a reciept.  Table locations will depend on the order of being received.  Mike will be assigning table spots.  If you wish to be close to some one or YOU WISH TO SHARE a table, please let us know.  Table sharing is highly acceptable at our knife shows. 
I know this is kind of a short notice but when some one offers you a good deal, it is hard to turn down.  The facility is located at 400 South Vermont, Suite 10 just off I-40 and Meridian.  There are several motels in that area and Mike is getting a list.  He did tell me that there was one for $49.00 a night. 
If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will try to post more information on our web site as it comes available,

If you wish to donate an item for customer appreciation give a way, Please let me know.

Directions to the show.

Exit I-40 and Meridian go North
Turn right on SW 3 street to end at Vermont turn right and go South to circle turn left where it says speed bumps 15 mph
Go down to ramp and man door beside is where we will enter
Coffee service through cafe-they will have 26 badges for us to show cafe for free coffee
No outside food or drink is allowed
You can take food from cafe back to show room


Mike Allen (Whiskers)

Dale Atkerson

Bill Coye

Gary Crowder

Bill Duff

Jim Dunlap

Lee and Linda Ferguson

Andrew Griggs  (UNABLE TO ATTEND)

Calvin Harkins

Dillion Horton

Don Hullet

Bill Kennedy

Ray Kirk

Jerry Lairson

Sandy McClure (Supplies while they last, Her last show as Giraffe Bone Dealer)

Jim McGuinn

Rick Menefee

Rocky Menefee

Mike Miller

Roy Miller

Steve Miller

Keith Murr

Jerald Nickles

Greg Shahan

Michael Stark

Brion Tomberlin

Pete Truncali




KGA Fall Shop Tour

Sept 20, 2014

The details for the agenda of the fallshop tour of the Knife Group Association have been started. 
Time: Sept. 20, 2014,  10:00 AM till around 4:00 PM,  Place: The home of Bill Kennedy, Yukon, OK.


The fall shop tour will be held this year at the home of Bill Kennedy in Yukon, OK  The directions to his home is;
I-40 WEST of OKC to Cimaron Road ( exit 132) - go South on Cimarron road to NW 23 RD - turn East on 23RD  to Lost Lake Lane to end circle. Bill's house is the one on the Right.
We plan on having smoke turkey , bake bean , and coleslaw.  Side dishes and desserts are welcome.
Brion Tomberlin has volunteered to do a forging demo of what some one may need.  I can help.  Bill has a good machine shop and may be able to answer a few questions.
What I want is to have some suggestions on something that you would like to see.  We have some of the finest knife makers in the country in our club and all have been willing to share their information.  We just need to know if there is something that we can help you with.
This  is also for friends and other interested persons that may have an interest in knives or knife making.   I appreciate your support in the past and look forward to seeing those that may be able to attend.


The Iron in the Hat drawings will be after lunch .  Others are encouraged to bring something for the Iron in the Hat drawings.  This is how we support help support our shop tours. It also gives many a chance to win something for a small donation.  All ticket buyers will have their ticket put into one large box and be eligible to be drawn for the grand prize.


As usual, we encourage tail gate sales and if you want, bring a works in progress to show others how you may be doing things or to ask questions. 
There may also be a discussion about how to build gas forges.  A few have expressed an interest in this information and there should be several at the meeting that can answer their questions.
Looking forward to seeing every one again and if you can, please let me know if you plan on attending.  This does make it easier to plan for the meal.  Email me at or call me at 918-207-8076, which is my cell phone.


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